Have you stopped by to visit our physical store yet?

A fixed stop for anyone visiting Cesena, located in the historic center of the city, our store offers the opportunity to see, touch and try on the most limited sneakers of the moment.

After a few years of selling exclusively online, in April 2022 we chose to open our first physical store dedicated to sneakers and all products dedicated to resell.
Based in Cesena in Galleria Urtoller 5, in the historic centre. A small showcase and a meeting point for every enthusiast.

Where are we?

Our store is located in Galleria Urtoller 5, a few steps from the Bibblioteca Malatestiana. Very convenient to reach while walking through the streets of the center.

What can you find?

In addition to a careful selection of limited edition sneakers, there are also various clothing brands in the shop including Supreme, Levis, Pantal貌n, Apprecciate and many others.

What are the hours?

We are waiting for you from Monday to Saturday in the morning from 10:00 to 13:00 and in the afternoon from 16:00 to 19:30. We are closed on Thursday afternoon and Sunday. Except for special times that we always communicate on instagram.

Other frequently asked questions

Can I return to the store?
It is possible to physically return any type of item purchased online in the shop. The refund will be issued through the site and the payment method to which the money will be credited is the one with which the order was placed.
With regard to purchases made in the shop, however, the refund is possible only through a voucher equal to the value of the purchased item.

Discount / Gift Coupon
Give a voucher to spend in our Store!
There are no deadlines or constraints to redeem the voucher

Can shoes be tried on before they are bought?
Yes, in our shop almost all the models can be tried on before buying. This service is aimed at guaranteeing a safe purchase by the customer and not having problems with any returns due to errors with the choice of size.
How do orders work?
It is possible to place an order for a shoe that is not available in the shop. The times vary according to the model, generally they do not exceed 15 days. The price may undergo slight variations. A small deposit will be requested and as soon as the product arrives in the store you will receive a message or a call. It is also possible to place an order and request delivery directly to your home.