Close your eyes. Think about a pair of jeans. You've been thinking about the 501, haven't you?

With a classic straight leg and iconic style, they're literally the go-to for every pair of jeans in the world.
To this day they have never gone out of fashion.
And they never will.

Classic, Vintage, Revisited and Tie - Dye.
Discover our collection of Levis 501.

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Over 100 pairs of Jeans available to find the perfect one for you!

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Below you will find the classic Levi's sizes.

Don't forget, however, that in more than 100 years of history, the brand has created and experimented with many different types of models and fits.
In fact, our canvases come from both the European and American markets and the washings, as well as the partial modifications applied, mean that the fits are revisited.

28W 71 - 73.5cm 30L 69.5 - 74.5cm
29W 73.5 - 76cm 32 L 74.5 - 79.5cm
30W 76 - 78.5cm 34 L 79.5 - 84.5cm
31W 78.5 - 81cm 36 L 84.5 - 89.5cm
32W 81 - 83.5cm
33W 83.5 - 88cm
34W 86 - 88.5cm
36W 91.5 - 94cm
38W 96.5 - 99cm

How to read labels:

It should be known that Levi's sizes have always been present on the external label of each jeans.

The two numbers next to the letter “W” and “L“ indicate respectively the width of the waist (W= Windth) and the length of the leg (L= Length).

To find the corresponding Levi's size to the Italian size, simply add 14 numbers to the number next to the letter "W".
For example, if I wear a size 44, the Levi's size to consider is W30, or W30+14=Size 44.

In the same way, size 42, Tg42-14=W28, is equivalent to a W28, or W28+14=Tg42. While the W32 corresponds to an Italian size 46, W32+14=Tg46.
Once you have found the right size, it will be sufficient to choose the length based on your height and your favorite Levi's model.

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